This year Lisa and I sat down with a facilitator for two days and crafted vision statements to help us navigate into the future.  It was an amazing experience that we will continue to do every year incorporating the larger First Light Farm community into the process into the future.

  • We strive to connect our community to each other, to the earth, and to the entire universe through producing the highest quality food and demonstrating farming practices that are the very best socially and ecologically.
  • The farm serves us and our community by rejuvenating us, energizing us, and offering an abundance
  • The farm has a culture of comradely, shared leadership, and growing employees together
  • We invest our resources in building our family, farm, and community resilience, security, and autonomy together
  • The systems in place running the farm are simple, effective, and are always improving
  • We nurture the vitality of the soil, ecosystem, and our living world through biodynamic and other ecological practices

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