CSA Quick Information

Community Supported Agriculture

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model is a union between customer and farmer wherein customers commit to supporting our farm throughout the growing season. In return, we provide a weekly box share of our finest fruits and vegetables. This model engages the customer in a more committed relationship to the land while ensuring our commitment to the most sustainable methods. In creating our weekly CSA box, we strive to include a wide diversity of produce. Naturally, as the season progresses, our CSA box shifts accordingly. You can expect the composition of your CSA box to reflect our harvest calendar (see below for more detail). We hope you will join us for the upcoming growing season and help support the future of ecological food production.


Large Box Membership

This contains 8-12 items, which is about 36 servings of vegetables. A weekly box is enough for 1 vegetable monster, or 2 people with large veggie appetites, or a family of 4 moderate vegetable eaters.  This box is available weekly and biweekly.

Small Box Membership

This contains 6-8 items, which is about 20 servings of vegetables. A weekly box is enough for two moderate vegetable eaters. This box is available weekly.

Veggie Cooking CSA

CSA Weekly Cost Breakdown

Large Box Membership: $25.00 per week

Small Box Membership:$15.00 per week

Home Delivery Fee: $7.00 per week *home delivery is only available to homes within our delivery route


Below is a list of our CSA drop-off locations.

Wednesday: Petaluma, Novato, San Anselmo, Fairfax, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Tiburon, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, and Sebastopol.

Saturday: Berkeley

Holding Bouquet

Sign up Info

Click here to sign up for our CSA

Seasonal Vegetable Calendar 

As the seasons change, so will your weekly CSA share. Each week the box will be a little different, but throughout the seasons you can expect the box to change completely. Below is a rough list of produce you may be able to expect throughout the growing season.


-Spinach –Broccoli –Lettuce –Radishes –Carrots –Poc Choi -Beets –Cilantro –Cauliflower –Spring Onions –Cabbage –Arugula –Strawberries


-Tomatoes –Cucumbers –Zucchini –Lettuce –Peppers –Melons -Green Beans –Carrots – Basil – Sweet Corn –Broccoli –Fresh Onions – Flowers –Watermelon –Summer Squash       -Strawberries


-Potatoes –Broccoli –Kale – Chard –Cauliflower –Winter Squash –Onions –Beets – Carrots –Turnips – Collards –Spinach –Parsley -Flowers


-Kale –Potatoes –Oranges –Winter Squash –Spinach –Arugula –Lettuce –Apples –Cabbage –Collards –Chard –Carrots –Beets -Sprouts –Leeks








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